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Nigeria makes history as ‘Broomzillas’ debut at Youth Winter Olympics in Gangwon 2024

Nigeria’s curling mixed team, nicknamed the ‘Broomzillas,’ made history as the first African representatives in the sport at a Winter Olympic event during the Youth Winter Olympics Games in Gangwon 2024.

Despite facing challenges, including the absence of ice training facilities in Nigeria, the team joined other countries from other continents for the Winter games to get into the history book as the first African participants.

Members of the history making Broomzillas told Olympics.com that they remain optimistic about their future in the sport after the debut.

Nigeria’s participation in Gangwon 2024 brought a wave of enthusiasm to the Gangneung Curling Centre, with spectators from around the world showing support for the curlers.

Fatiu Danmola, a member of the team, expressed gratitude for the global encouragement received during the competition.

” The best thing is just playing a game and seeing people around the world clapping and cheering for Nigeria,” Danmola said.

Prior to their Olympic debut, the Nigerian team embraced the nickname ‘Broomzillas,’ finding motivation in the moniker. Skipper Goodnews Charles emphasized the significance of the name in boosting team morale when she said: “It is a name that motivates u.,”

While the team did not advance beyond the round-robin stage, facing seven consecutive losses in pool games, they remain focused on the positive aspects of their Olympic journey.

Nkoyo Oku highlighted the valuable experience gained from playing against seasoned competitors, which contributed to building their confidence on the ice: “It has been a nice experience for us. It helped us to play with experienced players and to build our confidence,” she said.

Reflecting on their historic participation, Oluwanimifise Wale-Adeogun expressed pride in representing Nigeria and making history: “Being the first African nation to compete at the Youth Winter Olympics in curling, it makes me feel very happy to be part of the people, making this happen.”

Despite the challenges, the ‘Broomzillas’ remain determined to carve out a place for Nigeria in the global curling community.

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