Premier League Records That May Never Be Broken

Records are there to be broken, but some are harder to crack than others.

The Premier League is no stranger to creating difficult records that teams and players don’t even put their sights on because of the difficulty level in overcoming them (at least for the good records) – they likewise don’t want to repeat the completely horrible ones.

High difficulty levels to break the records should not be a reason not to deter athletes from push their limits or to try something incredible and inspire others, as it’s all a part of the competitive spirit.

This article looks at some of the best may-never-be-broken records in the premier league.


The Invincibles Record (winning the Premier League without losing a single game)

The Invincibles is a name that is synonymous with the Arsenal team of 2004, who won the Premier without losing a game. They were named after the Preston North End team, who did something identical over a century before that time.  Even the most knowledgeable enthusiasts who bet with Premier Bet would be extremely lucky to predict this event.


The team was managed by Arsene Wenger who managed one of the most revered sides in Premier League history. It started as a push to unseat Manchester United from their throne of dominance, and it poetically ended with them defeating their arch-rivals to win the Premier League title.

The team consisted of marquee players like Thierry Henry, Patrick Viera, Dennis Bergkamp, and Thomas Campbell. All these players became the benchmark of greatness in the Premier League.

The achievement was so amazing that Sir Alex Ferguson named it the greatest achievement in the Premier League after admitting that he had “created many title-winning teams, but none had ever come close to completing a season unbeaten.”

Arsenal finished that season with 26 wins, 12 draws, and 0 losses

Centurion Season (Manchester City 2017-2018)

As the current dynasty in the Premier League, Manchester City has done a number of impressive things, from winning the treble to getting the three-peat. However, their record of control is their 100 points season.

Under the tutelage of Pep Guardiola, Man City achieved an almost perfect season with the most points tally ever recorded in the Premier League and the most away points (50).

This season set a precedent for how good teams had to be to come close to matching this amazing side. They finished 19 points ahead of the runners-up Manchester United.

Not long after, Liverpool won the league with 99 points, but with the increasing difficulty of the Premier League, that feat should remain up there for a while.


Fewest Goals Conceded in A season (15)

‘Offense is the greatest form of defense’ is a statement for people who have never faced Jose Mourinho.

His Chelsea team of 2004/05 was the most defensively sound in the history of the premier league. They eventually finished that season, conceding only 15 goals, and 3 were from Manchester United.

At that point, football stakeholders began recognizing the genius of the self-acclaimed “Special One.” It might sound like all they did was play defense, but Mourinho’s team won most of their games with one odd goal, which was enough to guarantee them a 95-point-title clinching season.


Wrap Up

The Premier League is full of incredible records, every player’s dream is to be written in its history as one of the greats. Will some of these records be broken? That remains to be seen, but it would be beautiful to see if they do get broken.



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