Rooney recalls how Vidic would pump himself up 2-3 days in the gym in preparation for Drogba

Wayne Rooney has recalled how Nemanja Vidic prepared when he had to face Chelsea’s Didier Drogba or Bolton Wanderer Football club.

Wayne Rooney, writing in his column in the Sunday Times today, said Nemanja Vidic would go to the gym for 2-3 days to get himself pump in preparation for a clash against Chelsea’s Didier Drogba.

Wayne Rooney said the Serbian did that in other match the physicality of the Chelsea and Ivorian legend and to avoid being bullied.

‘I always remember Vidic: if we were going to Bolton — and it was the same when he was about to face Didier Drogba — he would be in the gym for two or three days before, pumping himself up.’

This revelation, is in fact a testament to Nemanja Vidic’s comment on why Didier Drogba was one of his toughest oppoents.

“He was a very clever player who would get into the brain of the defenders. He was strong, but he was always thinking ahead. He would think, ‘If the defender pushes me now I will go down’ or ‘Next time I will go strong’.

“He used his strength well; he was really good in the box at Stamford Bridge, a close, tight stadium. Drogba was on you for the full game.

“Drogba would be even better if he didn’t get so many injuries. He was always around the box and very difficult to stop from scoring. He scored so many important goals, he was very consistent.

“I played against him when we were both at the peak of our careers, Nemanja Vidic told the Athletic, in 2019.

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