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Rudi Garcia Extends Support to Victor Osimhen Amid Recent Challenges

Rudi Garcia, the Napoli coach, has firmly stood by Victor Osimhen during a tumultuous period for the Nigerian striker ahead of their Serie A game against Udinese on Wednesday.

The 24-year-old found himself embroiled in controversy after a heated exchange with his manager during Napoli’s goalless draw against Bologna over the weekend.

To mend fences, Osimhen offered a sincere apology to his manager, expressing his frustration with the situation. Adding to his woes, Osimhen missed a crucial penalty during the game, extending his goalless streak to three matches.

Just when it seemed like things might take a turn for the better, Napoli’s official TikTok account posted two derogatory videos targeting Victor Osimhen. These posts quickly sparked outrage on social media, with many fans accusing the club of racial insensitivity.

However, Napoli coach Rudi Garcia has chosen to rally behind the Nigerian striker, emphasizing his unwavering support.

Garcia acknowledged the frustration that followed the draw against Bologna and the recent social media incidents, but he stressed the importance of keeping Osimhen focused on the game.

He firmly believes that Osimhen will give his best for Napoli, despite the challenges he has faced.

In this trying time, Garcia’s support serves as a morale boost for Victor Osimhen as he strives to regain his form and make a positive impact on the pitch.

“We were frustrated after the draw vs Bologna, then some awkward things on social media didn’t help us in the last two days”.

“I spoke to Victor, it’s key to have him focused on the game — he’s gonna do his best for Napoli”.

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