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Top European scout storms Nigeria for AMAPRO Soccer Market

The 2-day scouting tournament will kick off in Ilorin on Monday

A prominent European football scout, Harry Varley, has arrived in Kwara State, Nigeria, for the inaugural AMAPRO Soccer Market, where outstanding football talents will be showcased and exposed to greater prospects.

Shogo Shodunnke, the mastermind behind Amapro Soccer Market, announced the start date, venue, and participating teams for the two-day scouting tournament in Ilorin on Sunday.

“This scouting tournament was established by Amapro and Leo Sports Agency to display talented players and propel them towards greatness,” said Shodunnke.

Shodunnke also disclosed that twelve teams will compete in the 2024 AMAPRO Soccer Market at the Kwara Football Academy Pitch inside the Kwara State Stadium Complex.

“The scouting tournament will feature twelve teams, including HMK FC, AMAPRO SSA, Kwara Football Academy, Laycon FA, Abraysports FC, Young Antlers, ABS FC, Na Royal FC, Dickalo FA, DollyP FA, and Watered Plants FA, competing against each other in the two-day event,” Shodunnke added.

Harry Varley, the scout for Belgian side KAA Gent in the Africa zone, expressed his excitement about discovering talented players from the tournament and helping them progress towards greatness.

“I’m always delighted to be in Nigeria. I just want the teams to field their best players and let us identify the top talents among them in the two-day tournament,” Varley remarked.

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