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UK Government set to sanction Chelsea owner Abramovich over role in Russian invasion

St. Petersburg stripped of Champions League final

The government of the United Kingdom is set to sanction Chelsea owner Roman Abramovich in the aftermath of the invasion of Ukraine by Russian forces on Thursday.

The Russian oligarch Abramovich has been previously linked to have close ties with Russian president Vladimir Putin, and this relationship has caused the billionaire to be sanctioned by the UK. Abramovich made his money from oil after the separation of the old Soviet Union.

Despite owning Chelsea, Abramovich had been banned from entering the UK since 2018, prior to this time, until he became an Israeli citizen in 2020.

Presently, a British Parliament member, Chris Bryant, has called for the Russian’s assets in the country to be seized, including his £152 million home. The Russian oligarch will be unable to enter the country after investors visa he used the last time was revoked.

The Russian billionaire, who bought Chelsea in 2003, has seen his club win all the major trophies in football after Chelsea won the FIFA Club World Cup earlier this month in Abu Dhabi.

It has been clarified that Chelsea will be completely unaffected by whatever sanctions the UK government eventually decides to place on Abramovich, and that the Russian billionaire has nothing to fear because there is no evidence linking him to any wrongdoing.

In a related development, UEFA have decided to strip the Russian city of St. Petersburg of the hosting rights for the 2022 UEFA Champions League Final in May. The City was due to host the final of the prestigious competition, but after the invasion, UEFA have announced to award the rights to another city which will be announced in due course.

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