FIFA suspend Spanish FA boss over non-consensual kiss allegation

World football governing body FIFA has announced the suspension of Spanish Football Federation boss Luis Rubiales over alleged non-consensual kiss of female footballer Jenni Hermoso.

The FIFA decision comes after the Spanish football federation announced that, instead of removing president Luis Rubiales, they will take legal action against player Jenni Hermoso as they claim she ‘lied’ about non-consensual kiss.

According to FIFA on Saturday August 26, ‘ Rubiales has also been banned from making any contact with Hermoso and ‘her close environment’, with the ‘no further information’ to be revealed until a final decision has been made.

‘ FIFA reiterates its absolute commitment to respect the integrity of all persons and therefore condemns with the utmost vigor any behavior to the contrary,’ the association added.

Hermoso, 33, said through the Spanish players’ union FUTPRO that she ‘felt vulnerable and a victim of an impulse-driven, sexist, out of place act’ after Rubiales kissed her following Spain’s 1-0 victory over England on Sunday.

That incident has generated tension in Spain with 81 female players saying they would not play until Rubiales was removed, in solidarity with Jenni Hermoso.

The FIFA provisional suspension will last 90 days during which time further investigations will be done.

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