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Dakkada Fc top fan Hope Oyiza plots ‘ NPFL Survival Party ‘. Exclusive Interview.

She is Hope Oyiza . For keen followers of the Nigeria Professional Football League – NPFL , she is nicknamed ‘Adiaha Dakkada ‘ (Dakkada first daughter) for her passionate support for Dakkada Football Club.

Adiaha Dakkada taking shots at one of the teams home games .

Adiaha Dakkada has endured a long and emotion draining 2021/2022 NPFL season with her beloved Dakkada Fc following a battle against relegation from the top flight .


Adiaha Dakkada is plotting an ” NPFL Survival Party ” for fans of Dakkada Fc on Sunday 17th July 2022 to celebrate what would be a massive survival story with the Uyo based club few weeks ago tipped as one of the favourites for relegation .


Dakkada Fc recorded an important 0-2 away victory over Enyimba International Fc on Sunday 10th July 2022 to reach 46 points . Dakkada Fc currently sits 17th on the standings ahead of the the final game of the season.


Dakkada Fc must defeat Sunshine Stars of Akure at the Godswill Akpabio International Stadium Uyo to beat the drop and Oyiza is hoping to mobilize support for her club with an entertainment packed ” Survival Party “.


In an exclusive Interview with Sportsration , Oyiza bares her mind on the motivation behind her passionate support for Dakkada Fc and by extension the NPFL for the past three years, plans for the survival party plus her advice to fans of other NPFL Clubs.


Her support for Dakkada Fc and the NPFL Sportsration gathered is deserving of recognition because she is constantly investing her personal funds to power projects such as the Online NPFL club game series (July 2021) , Know your NPFL Players Series (2 seasons) , fetting of over 70 stadium construction workers in Uyo on Saturday 6th February 2021 , regular Jersey and cash gifts to fans ,  Printing and distribution of customized Dakkada Fc writing materials , bags etc.

Sample of Dakkada Fc customized items printed and distributed by Adiaha Dakkada.

Her interview on Monday 11th July 2022 with Sportsration Correspondent ‘ Caretaker ‘ is presented unedited below . Enjoy the read.

Caretaker : Briefly introduce yourself ?

Oyiza : Good morning, my name is Oyiza.

I am an ardent supporter of Dakkada FC .

Caretaker: In the past three seasons you have been one of the most passionate supporters of Dakkada Fc and by extension the NPFL , what has been the motivation ?

Oyiza: Survival.

I can only say survival is the motivation, I saw a team that strives hard to attain their goals irrespective of any external unfavorable circumstances and I could totally relate it to me.

Dakkada is just like a replica of me so I couldn’t just help but loving them.

Caretaker: Can I safely posit that this circumstances are why you are constantly putting up with the NPFL despite the obvious Challenges ?

Oyiza: Yes exactly,

You will agree with me that NPFL is not for the faint hearted.

Look at what has happened to my team this season.

From been robbed against Heartland and against Kano Pillars. These things are setbacks.

Most times my brain wants to shot down NPFL but my heart keeps bringing me back.

Caretaker: Briefly tell us about this your experience that has fuelled your passion for NPFL Club Dakkada Fc ?

Oyiza: My story is very long but I can boldly tell you that I have been in several situations where I am not meant to even rise from.

Caretaker: Talking about situations, Dakkada Fc was at some point marked as one of the teams destined for relegation but after Matchday 37 there are a win away from safety. What changed ?

Oyiza: The away win means the team hasn’t given up, we are fighting to the end.

Now it’s no longer about the results, it’s about the process and we are showing the world once again that we have that ‘survival’ energy.

Caretaker: Your team will face Sunshine Stars in the final game of the season on Sunday 17th June 2022, what are your plans for the crucial game ?

Oyiza: This away win (Vs Enyimba International) is also an avenue to rejoice with fellow fans.

It’s been a long season, as a matter of fact, we are supposed to tag it ‘E choke’.

After this most important game of the tournament, we are going to have an after part. Just a fan’s survival party. We rejoice together and laugh over the long season.

Caretaker: Fantastic thoughts I must say. Im sure this will be the first time I am hearing of a fan party in the NPFL , who is Eligible so I can possibly rearrange my schedule ?

Oyiza: Every football lover is eligible. But most importantly Dakkada fans are highly welcome. It’s immediately after the game, we are going to flaunt our orange polo, light refreshments and most importantly have massive fun.

I sincerely hope to see you there.

Caretaker: Any colors, refreshments , just give us an insight on what to expect at the survival party ?

Oyiza: It’s orange colour, yes there’s refreshments, pictures and videos with a light music to dance to.

Dakkada fans are going to bond together at the survival party.

Caretaker: Awesome stuff there. Do you have someone sponsoring you on this or It’s another personal project from Adiaha Dakkada ?

Oyiza: It’s a personal project from Adiaha Dakkada. We don’t have sponsors yet.

Caretaker: Sportsration will be actively involved with the mobilization because it’s a vision that will adds more entertaining features to the NPFL and fans of other clubs will soon key into the project. So we hope you keep us posted with arrangements .

Oyiza: I am extremely honoured with that.

Thank you so much.

Caretaker: Any word for fans of other NPFL clubs as we round up ?

Oyiza : Violence is never the answer, the round leather game is meant to be enjoyed by everyone, don’t disrupt it.

Caretaker: Thank you for making out time to talk with Sportsration. We wish you and your team Success as the 2021/2022 NPFL Season reaches its climax this Weekend.

Oyiza: Amen. Thank you.

Adiaha Dakkada during the feting of Stadium construction workers in February 2021

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