´I´m not a 31-, 32-minute guy´ – LeBron

LeBron James has a lot of mileage in his legs and the Cleveland Cavaliers were expected to lessen his minutes this season, but the star is having none of that.

Through Thursday, James is averaging 37.1 minutes per game and just went over 44,000 NBA minutes for his 13-year career.

The Cavs came into the season wanting to cut James’ minutes to help preserve him for a play-off run, but that has not gone the way they planned.

“I’m not a 31-, 32-minute guy. That’s just not, that ain’t me,” James said, via

“I’m playing at a high level. I’m shooting the ball extremely well and I’m not hurting my team when I’m on the floor. If I’m hurting my team, then I should be sitting down. But I feel good.

“I’m not a guy who likes to sit. If we take care of business and we go out and we’re able to beat up on a team and I can sit in the fourth, then I can. If not, then I need to play.

“If I’m in the line-up then I need to be out on the floor. And I’m not saying I have to be out there 48 minutes or 40 minutes. But I’m going to make an impact.”

Cavs coach David Blatt, whose team hold a 14-7 win-loss record this season, said he had to accept James’ wishes.

“I couldn’t have dragged him out of there [the game] with a crane,” Blatt said.

“It wasn’t even easy to drag him out of the Miami game and he didn’t even dress. When that happens you just have to grin and bear it.”

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