No room for LGBT sympathizers in Qatar - Abdullah Al Nasari, FIFA 2022 Head of Security
Qatar 2022

No room for LGBT sympathizers in Qatar – Abdullah Al Nasari, FIFA 2022 Head of Security

Abdullah Al Nasari, the Head of Security at the 2022 World Cup in Qatar has warned that the country will not tolerate anyone who comes into the country to defile the nation.

The nation of Qatar is one of the few nations in the World that stand against the LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender) community.

They host the 2022 FIFA World Cup this November and there have been serious concerns over the Qatari choice of the host due to their stand on the LGBT community.

In Qatar, it is not allowed and the nation is not willing to pollute its belief over a 28-day competition.

The Three Lions of England were the first team to raise concern over the LGBT issue there were rumours they will boycott the tournament but coach Gareth Southgate poured cold water on the speculation.

“It would, of course, be a big story, but this tournament would go ahead and the fact is, unfortunately, the biggest issue that is non-religious and non-cultural is what happened with the building of the stadiums. There is nothing we can do about that either, sadly.

“As soon as we have entered the tournament, that is the point we should decide what we have known for four years or eight years and is the stance against Qatar as a country.

“Should we protest against Qatar as a country or a specific issue? If it is Qatar as a country we are intertwined as we have seen with Russia.”

Now Abdullah Al Nasari, the Head of Security at the 2022 World Cup has given answers to those who have concerns over their stance on the LGBT community.

“If you want to express your views on the LGBT cause, do so in a society where it will be accepted.

“Do not come and insult an entire society. We will not change the religion for the 28 days.

“If a fan raises a flag 🏳️‍🌈 in a stadium and it is taken away, it will not be because we want to offend him but to protect him.

“If we don’t, another spectator could attack him. If you buy a ticket, it is to attend a football match and not to demonstrate.”

Tope Adefala

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Kangavve Ahamed
Kangavve Ahamed
2 months ago

A great thanks to Qataris to stand firm on Fool indiciplined nations who are trying to destroy humanity

2 months ago


kato shafick
kato shafick
1 month ago

Abig thank to a qatarian head of security

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