Watch as McIntyre Beats Goldberg To Retain WWE Title at Royal Rumble
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Watch as McIntyre Beats Goldberg To Retain WWE Title at Royal Rumble

Goldberg’s streak of dethroning World Champions in emphatic fashion has come to an end at the hands of Drew McIntyre.

Pre-match jaw-jacking led to McIntyre headbutting and Spearing Goldberg to the floor, and Goldberg quickly returned the favor by Spearing The Scottish Warrior through the ringside barricade.

Clutching his ribs, McIntyre reentered the ring and angrily demanded that the ref start the match. Once the bell rang, Goldberg charged for another Spear but was met by a Claymore Kick, which shockingly yielded only a two-count.

The WWE Hall of Famer avoided a second Claymore and nailed two more Spears and a Jackhammer, but it wasn’t enough to keep the champion down.

Goldberg charged once more, but McIntyre avoided the impact and returned fire with another Claymore Kick, this one cementing the pinfall.

With the win, McIntyre not only denied the WWE Hall of Famer his opportunity to claim the one title that has eluded him in his career, but he also accomplished a feat that not even The Fiend nor Brock Lesnar before him could do: Stop Goldberg in his first attempt.

After the match, Goldberg made clear that McIntyre had passed his test, and the two gladiators shook hands in a show of mutual respect.

The showdown didn’t last long, but it was every bit the battle of alpha heavyweights that McIntyre promised it would be.



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