Who are the most successful teams that played in League One?

League One serves as the third tier of the English football system just below the Premier League and the Championship.

The third tier has been one of the most successful leagues in England because it has produced amazing matches and stellar teams.

The teams that will be mentioned here will not only be successful in League One but they have had considerable success in the top two tiers as well. That goes to show that League One is another top-tier league that deserves the spotlight. 

When you look at the teams that will be mentioned here, you might see some familiar names. You should look at the current League One teams because there will be a club there that can become a huge part of the future matches on football England has to offer. With that, let’s take a look at the most successful teams that played in the League One system. 

Leicester City

When you look at Leicester City’s history, you won’t expect them to be the hard-hitters that they are today. They were only promoted from the League One system in the 2008-09 season and they have never looked back since. They played in the Championship for a few years and they secured the promotion into the Premier League in the 2013-14 season when they finished first in the Championship table. 

Surprisingly, the Foxes managed to go on an amazing run in the 2015-16 season as they won the Premier League. Most English pundits have said that it is one of the biggest achievements in Premier League history because they went from the third tier of English football to becoming the best team in the country in just a few years.

This team is now a fixture in the upper half of the Premier League. They are not title contenders consistently but they always find a way to compete in the upper tier of the Prem. They are now seen as one of the biggest clubs in the country because they constantly bump heads with the other top clubs like the two Manchester clubs, Chelsea, Liverpool, and Arsenal. 

The Foxes deserve the spotlight because they worked hard to become one of the best clubs in the country. They were doubted in the past because they came from the third tier but they proved that League One should not be underestimated.

Brighton and Hove Albion

Now known as a fixture of the Premier League, Brighton and Hove Albion is a club that was in League One for the longest time. They never gave up as they secured promotion to the Championship back in the 2010-11 season. They played in the Championship for most of the decade but they secured promotion to the Premier League in the 2016-17 season after finishing second. 

That was the end of a 34-year absence from the top flight. Some people expected them to go back down almost immediately but they have stayed the course and are now fixtures of the Premier League. You can call this club one of the most successful to come from League One because they ground their way back to the Prem and have bucked all of the pundits by consistently staying in the English top flight. 

The club has always been one of the biggest in the country but they were stuck in the lower leagues after their disastrous years in the 1980s. Nowadays, Brighton is a far cry from the lower-league side because the Seagulls are now flying in the Prem with manager Graham Potter. 

Wolverhampton Wanderers

At the moment, Wolverhampton Wanderers have shown their awesome assets. They are currently in the Premier League after staying in the lower leagues. They secured their promotion from League One in the 2013-14 season and they have only gone up since. They went through some rough times but the Wolves always found a way to keep pace with the other teams in the Championship. They managed to secure promotion after they topped the Championship in the 2017-18 season. 

They have even secured European football with their performances in the Europa League after securing a seventh-place finish in the 2018-19 Premier League season. They continued to be one of the best teams in the Prem because they always found a way to keep up with the other top squads. Wolves have turned into one of the most reliable clubs in England which is a far cry from their days going up and down the English football system. 

When you watch League One, you should look at the teams that can be seen in nationally-televised future matches on football England has to offer in their top leagues.

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