Former Bayern striker Olic banned for betting offences

Veteran striker Ivica Olic has been given a €20,000 fine and a two-match ban after being found guilty of breaching betting regulations.

The former Bayern Munich forward, now playing for 1860 Munich, was found to have placed bets on nine separate 2. Bundesliga matches between August 26 and September 11 of this year.

Though Olic did not bet on any 1860 games, he was still found to be in breach of strict German Football Association rules relating to gambling on official domestic competitions.

Hans Lorenz, chairman of the DFB sports court, said via a statement that “The sanction reflects the violation of the DFB’s general ban” before adding that “The investigations in the Olic case have shown no evidence of betting manipulations”.

Thomas Eichin, 1860 sporting director, told Sky Sport News: “This verdict was to be expected. The player did not appeal it and has accepted that he did a stupid thing.

“The rules are clear and they are there to be obeyed. We as a club support this and will give him a fine according to his contract.

“In general I think the verdict is okay. The prosecution did not find any hint of a manipulation.

“There are certain rules which forbid players to bet on competitions in which his club participates actively and passively. 1860 did not think he did that, but he violated it with some combined bets, apparently.

“I don’t think he knew it until he realised it afterwards. That’s why we’re not letting him stand alone now. He did a stupid thing, he apologised and we react to that.

“I advise every professional to carefully read their contracts. This applies to the agents who care for their players, as well.”

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