Golf Etiquette

10 dos and don’ts of playing golf

By Tobi Nifesi

As long as you aren’t playing Calcio Fiorentina, you have to follow the rules of any game you play. Every sport has set rules and regulations that were created to control plays, maintain positive attitude and ensure fair treatments. Most are enforced by referees and sports organization.

Regardless of the sport or regulations, it is important for players to respect their opponents and play fairly. This also applies to sports where there is limited contact between players – sports like golf.

For a number of reasons, golfers could easily be so focused on the rules of the game that they overlook some more important golf customs. Sportration.com has complied a short list of recommendations for golfers. Here are 10 ways to play golf right:

  1. Maintain a good pace: Walk quickly between plays. However, you should respect other players’ pre-shot routines and plays by keeping still.
  2. Be time conscious: Yes, you are trying to find the perfect angle to hit the ball and you want to take your time to visualize your swing. That’s alright but be aware that other players are waiting for their turn to play.
  3. Fix your spot: You know that guy that gets so exciting by his perfect swing, he forgets to replace his divot or fill up the hole with his seed mix. Don’t be that guy.
  4. Be green-friendly: If your hit makes any dents or marks on the pitch, be sure to fix or repair it. Don’t just walk away like it’s mother nature’s job to take care of herself.
  5. Partner in silence: This follows up etiquette number one. As long as you are on the green, be aware of your movements and noise levels so that you don’t distract the player who is trying to take his shot.
  6. Look before you hit: This sounds like obvious one but believe me, people shoot without looking (or even thinking) well enough. If there is a player (or players) ahead of you and you see that there is a chance the ball would hit them, be sure to call their attention to your play.
  7. Stay in line: Why would you even step on another player’s putting lines? Yes, the line is imaginary (line that connects ball to hole) but you can visualize it. Stepping on other players’ lines distract them. Stay in your line.
  8. Be cool: When you miss a putt or when a player distracts you, be cool. Throwing away or breaking your club or yelling, cursing and screaming at yourself and other players does not help your performance in any way. Keep your emotions in check.
  9. Lend a hand: Be a good player and help others. Help to pick up misplaced shots and call their attention to something (a ball or a cart or anything) that’s out of place.
  10. Shake Hands: This is common sense.


What other golf etiquettes do you know? Comment below or tweet at @Sportsration


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