Green and Thompson back Kerr´s use of medicinal marijuana

Golden State Warriors pair Draymond Green and Klay Thompson have expressed their support for head coach Steve Kerr and his medicinal use of marijuana to help deal with his back pain.

On Friday, Kerr admitted to using marijuana while coping with chronic back pain after finding no answers through traditional pain management methods, having undergone two operations in 2015.

Kerr also hopes marijuana can be approved for use as a form of pain treatment in professional sports.

Green and Warriors team-mate Thompson discussed Kerr’s medicinal marijuana use, backing the 51-year-old.

“I’ve never been a guy who has done it, period,” Green said on Saturday. “So, I can’t say that I know much about it, but from what I hear from whether it’s football guys, I think a lot of them do it because of all the pain that they go through.

“And when you read Steve’s comments, it makes a lot of sense. When you look at something that comes from the earth, any vegetable that comes from the earth, they encourage you to eat it.

“So, I guess it does make a little sense as opposed to giving someone a manufactured pill. If something takes your pain away like some of these pills do, it can’t be that good for you.”

Green continued: “The only thing I can really think of is that it’s from the earth. It’s grown from the earth.

“So, maybe it is better than a Vicodin, like [Kerr] said. … It usually takes a guy like Steve to do something like that to where it even starts the conversation. And then you start the conservation, stuff is still at least three or four years out. Who knows?”

Thompson added: “Not recreation use. That should not be of its use ever, but there’s obviously a medicinal side to [marijuana] that people are finding out have benefits, especially people in really high pain.”

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