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Ahead Of New NNL Season: Remo Stars Osho targets straight promotion into the NPFL

NNL side Remo Stars of Ogun State Technical Adviser, Osho Fatai have said his side are filled with optimism going into the 2017/2018 Nigeria National League (NNL) set to commence on the 31st of March, 2017 and hopes for a straight promotion back into the NPFL. 

Osho disclosed this while speaking to the media team of Remo Stars in an exclusive interview where he also spoke on his targets, tactics, club youth system, challenges and many more.

“Our plan is like any other team in the league, it will not be different because if you are playing in that league, the ultimate thing is to get to the Nigeria Professional Football League (NPFL) and we are quite aware of that. I believe we have had the best of preparation and ultimately we want to play in the NPFL because we believe that is where we belong. We will work so hard to achieve that and I think at the end we will get that done.” Osho said. 

When asked if he is satisfied with the club’s new players going all the way to meet the club’s target. 

Osho said: “If we aren’t sure of their capabilities I will have changed them long ago but I am really satisfied. Looking at the results of our friendlies, it is a pointer to the fact that we are are on course and that’s the way we are looking at it. They have responded so well to the trainings, they are doing very well and are very optimistic going forward”

On being regearded as an NNL guru, Osho replied: “I will be honest with you, for you to get results as a coach,  you have got to respect other coaches. We have many great coaches in this country and I can’t be carried away with reports that I am taking tactically superior but I am more concerned about how prepared is the team coming to particular competitions and I respect all oppositions coming into the competition or league this time around because they have sound and better coaches.”
Remo Stars travel to Osun State in her first match of the NNL and Osho says he hopes to build his boys confidence from the game

“I don’t see it that way because every match in the league will play a role in terms of us getting what we want. We can’t just play it to the fact that if we get good result in Osun will determine but getting good result there will build the confidence of the team and put us in a good step to actually achieve what we intend to achieve but it doesn’t really boil down to that particular match, every match in the group is of great importance and its until we get the ticket. If you look at the way the league is designed now,  we can’t get the ticket out rightly topping the group. It means we are just about to start the first phase of the battle and the second phase is actually where to get the job done”. said Fatai Osho. 

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