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Has Mourinho gone from the special one to the cursed one?

Some months ago Jose Mourinho was yet again the special one has his tinkering won Chelsea the Premier League title five years after they last won one.

He didn’t just win the Premier League title but did it in a dominant fashion, it doesn’t matters what the fans and other managers said about his boring tactics, that year Mourinho and Chelsea dominated the league. Six of his players were named in the PFA player of the year, he won the manager of the year, Hazard won the PFA player of the year.

They were so good they nicked the league title 3 games to the end of the season, Matic, Hazard, Fabregas and his team defence stood out as they won the league without stress.

Pundits and fans alike tipped his Chelsea side to defend their title easily in the 2015-16 season but it ended in misery and the special one lost his job in the process after raking in worst records for the club in their Premier League history.

Chelsea’s woeful outing in 2015-16 season was blamed on their not too good preseason, dressing room issues and few others including popular Ghanaian witch doctor said Eva Carneiro Chelsea’s team doctor whom Mourinho embarrassed publicly is the cause of his woes.

Infact, Nana Kwaku Bonsam told Kasapa FM recently that unless Mourinho begs Eva again his woes will not stop.

“Mourinho has to apologise again to Eva and show remorse since he didn’t show repentance in his earlier apologies to Eva Carneiro.

“Eva Carneiro possesses a higher spirit which is causing the entire calamities in Jose’s career and has been a curse.

“Therefore, if he Mourinho doesn’t take a second look at this it may get to a time he will get fed up and end his career abruptly.”

The claims of Nana Kwaku seems real as Mourinho and Manchester United have been completely unlucky this season, if its not about an unfair officiating which has always being in their favour in the past years, it is because they failed to convert their many chances created or have been unlucky.

Manchester United have gone four home league games without a win for the first time in the Premier League era – longest home winless league run since Nov 89 – Feb 90.

Manchester United dominated possession, created chances, played good football in those games but just couldn’t convert their chances for this reason Mourinho may heed the advice of Nana Kwaku to end the unwanted records he is setting at Manchester United.

Manchester United had 91 shots at home against Stoke, Burnley, Arsenal and West Ham, scoring just three.

Paul Pogba has joined Nana Kwaku in taking on the cursed line, the most expensive player in the history of football said in an interview with the SFR Sport that:”We’re going to start to think we’re cursed, It doesn’t matter which team comes here, we dominate them, be it Arsenal or West Ham.

“Our luck will change at one time or another, and it’s then that we’ll have to take it,” he said.

We hope things change for better for Manchester United and Jose Mourinho, but for now with what is happening we can only assume the special one is gradually becoming the cursed one.


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